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How To Have a Love That Lasts

Building a lasting and fulfilling love in a marriage requires effort, commitment, and continuous nurturing. Here are some key principles and actions that can help make love last in a marriage.

  1. Effective communication: Communication is vital in any relationship. Listen actively, express your feelings, and be open and honest with your spouse. Make an effort to understand each other's perspectives, needs, and desires.

  2. Show appreciation and affection: Regularly express your love, appreciation, and affection to your spouse. Small gestures of kindness, compliments, hugs, kisses, and acts of service can go a long way in strengthening the emotional connection.

  3. Prioritize quality time: Make time for each other regularly, without distractions. Engage in activities you both enjoy and create shared experiences. Quality time allows you to deepen your emotional bond and create lasting memories. You're going to prioritize time to work, time with your kids, time to work out, time with friends, so why not prioritize your most important relationship: your marriage!

4. Respect and support: Treat your spouse with respect, kindness, and empathy. Support each other's goals, dreams, and aspirations. Celebrate each other's successes and provide a safe space for emotional vulnerability. In other words, allow your spouse to share their dreams with you and don't negate them. Dream with them a little, even if it doesn't sound logical to you. Don't be a dream crusher.

5. Work through conflicts constructively: Conflicts are a normal part of any relationship. Learn healthy ways to resolve conflicts, such as active listening (with empathy), and seeking win-win solutions. Avoid blame, criticism, and defensiveness.

6. Keep the romance alive: Continually cultivate romance and intimacy in your marriage. Surprise each other, plan romantic dates, and find ways to keep the spark alive. Physical affection, sexual intimacy, and emotional connection are crucial aspects of a lasting love.

7. Adapt and embrace change: Over time, people change. Embrace the changes in yourselves, in your spouse, and in your relationship, and be willing to adapt. Your spouse (and your marriage) will not look like it did when you first came together. Change can be beautiful though when navigated properly. Flexibility and acceptance can help you navigate the ups and downs of life together. Love your spouse the way he or she is without forcing them to change as well (but it is okay to ask for a "complaint with a request to change" when done properly. **See the end of this post for more information on that).

8. Seek help if needed: If you face significant challenges or struggles, don't hesitate to seek help. If you need help in any of these areas of your marriage, reach out to Live the Life today. You can email us or message us on any of our social media pages. We can provide valuable insights and tools to strengthen your relationship.

**As promised, here is information on making a "complaint with request to change": If there are small things in your marriage that you would like changed (such as the way your spouse puts the toilet paper on, or if they leave lights on all the time, that sort of thing), we teach a communication tool called the Daily Temperature Reading, where we teach couples how to politely ask for those changes, without causing more damage to their sometimes already fragile marriage. In addition to that, we also teach tools to go much deeper and discuss all the "hot topics" in your marriage in a healthy way. If you want to know more, we can teach you how. We have taught thousands of couples how to do this and they are seeing wonderful results in their marriages. We would love to help you also. Click on the following link for a class near you. Many of them are even free:

Lastly, remember that building lasting love in a marriage is an ongoing journey. It requires continuous effort, understanding, and a commitment to growth. It also requires a long-term mindsight. Don't be short sighted in your marriage, and remember that it's about the journey, not the destination. Small changes will make a big differences, so just take one step at a time and stay committed!


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