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Don & Angie Power

Don is the owner of Florida Auto & Truck Exchange in Bradenton, FL which has been in operation for more than 20 years.  Florida Auto and Truck Exchange buys used vehicles for export throughout the world. The organization supplies vehicles to Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Germany and Russia.
Don & Angie Power founded the non-profit organization of Marriage & Family Works in 2008.  The Powers experienced their own serious marriage breakdown

which included infidelity. Even though it appeared a divorce was the logical next step, Don & Angie both decided that divorce was NOT an option for them. Don & Angie’s heroic decision was made in the midst of their despair and pain.  However this decision to “go against the grain” resulted in the complete healing of their marriage and family!  Today, Don & Angie are experiencing a truly intimate marriage, and are positively impacting thousands of other marriages by sharing what they’ve learned along the way.Don & Angie are also volunteer Marriage Coaches, overseeing and training volunteer Marriage Coaches for Live the Life.  Their heart’s desire is tosee marriages and families experience the restoration that is available to everyone who will decide divorce is not an option, and instead take the beautiful journey of marital restoration.  Don & Angie have 3 children: Dustin, Coltin and Shane.

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