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Decision Making Guide for Healthy Couples:

Updated: May 30, 2023

Healthy couples make decisions together by communicating openly and respectfully, actively listening to each other's perspectives, and working collaboratively to find solutions that are acceptable to both partners. Here are some common ways that healthy couples make decisions together:

  1. They prioritize communication: Communication is key to making decisions together. Healthy couples prioritize communication by making time to talk, actively listening to each other, and sharing their thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. (If you don't know how to actively listen to your spouse, this is a skill we teach in our Adventures in Marriage Classes. Information on how to sign up for that is at the end of this post).

  2. They respect each other's opinions: Even if spouses don't always agree, they respect each other's opinions and take them into account when making decisions. This creates a sense of mutual trust and respect.

  3. They work together: Healthy couples work together to find solutions that work for both spouses. They don't try to dominate the decision-making process, but rather collaborate to find a solution that meets both spouses' needs. (Hint: Personalities play a role in this so you'll want to be careful if you have a stronger personality than your spouse not to override him or her).

  4. They find the US: Finding the US means you come together and find a decision that works for both of you. Compromise is not really the answer. With compromise, some is always giving up what they want. What you want to do is work together as a team and find some common ground and make a decision that you both can agree on. Healthy couples are willing to work together to reach a solution that works for both spouses.

5. They consider the impact on the relationship: Healthy couples consider the impact that their decisions will have on their relationship. They take into account how their decisions will affect each other's feelings and work together to find solutions that strengthen their relationship.

Overall, healthy couples make decisions together by prioritizing communication, respecting each other's opinions, working collaboratively, finding the US (agreement), and considering the impact on their relationship. Remember that you're on the same team! You've got this!

If you want to work on your communication and/or learn yours and your spouse's personalities (in order to help you work together better as a team), our marriage classes are the perfect place to do that! Click HERE and sign up for one today. They are offered for FREE in the State of Florida!!! So you have nothing to lose!

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