Who we are

After working in the marriage and family space for more than 21 years, we believe a holistic approach is needed to address the enormous pressures placed upon our military warriors and their families.  Those pressures include the burden of a high operations tempo, unique stressors created by extended periods of separation, and an ever-evolving societal landscape. 

Multiple studies indicate strong families--those characterized by love, support and healthy interaction--promote overall well-being and undergird military resilience.  When America’s warriors and their families are strong, everyone benefits, and the military has members who perform at an optimal level even in the face of prolonged adversity.  Conversely, when the family is weak and things are chaotic at home, then resilience is affected negatively and overall combat effectiveness is greatly diminished. 

The primary goal of Live the Life’s Military Life Program is to provide targeted resiliency events to the U.S. military in order to help preserve the health and well-being of military warriors and their families.  To this end, we seek to preserve military families, help reduce the stress of separation, help enhance communication between spouses, decrease loneliness, decrease suicides, develop healthy relationship skills among all family members, and foster teamwork.

Pillars of

Military Resilience:

Our Military Life program delivers high quality, high impact and experiential programs that enhance relationship resilience including:

a) Adventures in Marriage weekend retreats for married  couples.  Retreats typically include lodging, meals, and childcare

b) Family Frontiers weekend retreats for families.  Retreats typically include lodging, meals, and childcare

c) Date Nights including dinner for all participants, along with fun and creative date activities and experiences

  *(Date Night Game Show, Trivia Night, Photo scavenger hunt, Not So Newlywed Game, What do you Meme? Minute to Win It, Couple Scattegories, and others)

d) Father and Son Champions retreats to strengthen and deepen the bonds between fathers and sons.  Retreats typically include lodging, meals, whitewater rafting, and transportation


In addition to program content, Live the Life provides all logistical and administrative support required to produce each program/event.

How We can Serve You


"This turned a marriage that was doomed for divorce into a marriage with hope."

- Nick

"I learned how to communicate with my husband. His personality is totally different from mine. At first, I was ready to divorce but if he continues to show his efforts, I'm considering staying married."

- Shannon

"They talked about the issues in such a non-judgmental way, and in such a positive and uplifting way with suggestions for improvement so that I had a more positive view of the situation as well as steps to take to fix it. I was beating my husband up all day, and then realized that the problems were really with me and not with him."

- Chantel

"I learned never to overpower my wife and always let her speak her side, from her point of view. Always take her into account, even when it is my decision. "US"

- Juan

Our marriage/relationship has been a rollercoaster but we both considerably LOVED this retreat and the coaches and speakers. I have the upmost respect and appreciation from them. I truly believe this retreat helped save/revive our marriage. Thank you all so so much. I recommend this to any couple whether their relationship is problematic or not. This course is for everyone.

- Brittany