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Dennis Stoica

Board President

Dennis Stoica is one of the most highly respected
and nationally-recognized leaders in the Relationship
and Marriage Education (RME) field.  He is the
Founding President of Healthy Relationships
California, the largest federally funded Relationship and Marriage Education provider in America.  Dennis is also the Founding Chairman of the National Association for Relataonship and Marriage Education (NARME), which
was founded in 2010 and has members in 28 states.  Dennis is a trained Facilitator in 12 major RME curricula, including Mastering the Mysteries of Love, World Class

Marriage, and other remarriage, premarital, and divorce-recovery programs.  In addition to his vast experience with RME, Dennis has considerable experience as a business owner, business management consultant, and corporate strategy consultant, including founding the Orange County, CA Marriage Resource Center, Founder/Executive Director; Charmac Inc., CEO/Owner; Kibel-Green, Inc., Turnaround Consultant; Boston Consulting Group, Corporate Strategy Consultant; IBM, Regional Financial Specialist.  Dennis graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School.  He received his BBA, BS, BA degrees from Loyola Marymount University.  Dennis received the Smart Marriages Impact Award in 2008, and the Marriage Building Award from the San Bernardino, CA Diocese in 2011.

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