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Sarah Grady ackerman

Director of Marriage Programs

Sarah graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's of Science
in Sociology. She moved from Seattle to Tallahassee in 1998 to work as an
evening news anchor at WCTV. Sarah left full time news in 2006 to work in
ministry and start her family with her husband Tank (who she met on an

After several years overseeing her church's marriage ministry and volunteers,
Sarah joined Live the Life as the Director of Marriage Programs in 2020. She
and Tank share their passion for healthy marriages and families by co-teaching
Live the Life's flagship program, Adventures in Marriage. They have four
beautiful children and make family time a priority in their household. They enjoy
playing basketball, bike riding, traveling, board games, karaoke and watching
football. As a proud Seattle native, Sarah has made sure all four kids are loyal
Seahawks and Huskies fans!

Sarah still works in television, hosting Moms Everyday on WCTV with the
mission of "Making life easier for moms." In her spare time, Sarah enjoys taking
a nap...which actually never happens...because one of her four kids always
seems to need something. Seriously though, Sarah loves everything involving
family and promotes the importance of having a healthy family-life-work balance.

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