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Ashley BRiggs

Communication Director

Ashley Albertson Briggs has been a part of Live the Life since its founding in 1998. She has worked in the office, taught classes, gone on retreats and volunteered throughout the past 20 years. She has recently joined the team as the Communications Coordinator.

Ashley is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science. She has worked on multiple campaigns and previously worked for the Florida House of Representatives and various state agencies. Before she joined the House of Representatives, she served as the Marketing Director for Perry Roofing Contractors.

Ashley volunteers throughout the community and is a co-founder of DOTK, a local non-profit organization that mentors high-school and college-age girls.

She also acts as the Director of Communications for her church, Downtown Community Church, where she has been a member for 7 years.

In her spare time she like to do photography, travel and anything outdoors.

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