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Alphonso Robinson

Communications Manager

Alphonso Robinson is the Communication Manager here at Live The Life. With a solid foundation and a passion for digital media, Alphonso plays a pivotal role in shaping our organization's online presence and outreach strategies.

Armed with a degree in Allied Health Sciences and a background in digital media, [Your Name] possesses a unique skill set that combines technical expertise with creative flair. From crafting compelling content to designing captivating visuals, [Your Name] excels in every aspect of digital communication.

Before joining Live The Life, [Your Name] honed their skills as the Photo Editor and Video Editor for Journey Magazine at FAMU, where they showcased their talent for visual storytelling. They also gained valuable experience interning for FAMU's sports media team, further refining their ability to engage audiences through multimedia content.

In addition to their role at Live The Life, Alphonso runs his own multimedia company, where they harness their creative talents to produce stunning videos, captivating photographs, eye-catching cover art, and dynamic motion graphics. Their dedication to innovation and excellence drives them to continuously push the boundaries of digital media, hence the name SOLE which means to Step Over Limitations Everyday.

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