Bringing families together.

Tallahassee, FL is where Live the Life started back in 1998 with a mission to strengthen marriages and families.  From very humble beginnings our Board, staff and volunteers have witnessed firsthand the dramatic transformation of countless lives through our work.  Hundreds of high school boys have gone through our Champions program teaching the roadmap to manhood.  Thousands of middle school and high school students have learned the critical “sequence of success” for the best life outcomes: 1) get educated, 2) get a job, 3) get married, 4) and then have children!  And tens of thousands of children are growing up and living in homes with both parents because of our relationship and marriage education programs.  No matter how much impact we have had over the years, we are not satisfied!  We have never been more passionate to teach people how to love well.  (850) 668-3700 to call our Tallahassee staff.

We Love Families

We get out in our communities and work with families everyday. We are in schools so that we can spend time with and educate children, and all of our classes are open to the public. We regularly do relationship seminars, retreats, and camps. This video demonstrates how we interact with families.