Raquel Tripp

Raquel Tripp is the Marriage-Building Specialist providing consulting services to the Catholic Parishes within the Diocese Saint Augustin and Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee.  She liaisons with both the Diocese's office for Marriage and Family Life and the parishes to assist them in building engaging and dynamic marriage ministries from the ground up.

Raquel, with her husband Chad, have been marriage preparation and enrichment mentors, speakers and instructors for over 20 years.   After attending their first marriage retreat in 2001, they were called to serve marriages.  
Raquel is a Master Trainer of AIM in Spanish.
In January 2002, they were appointed Marriage Enrichment Ministers by then Bishop Victor Galeone.    
From that time, they have been called to evangelize Christ-centered marriages to both English and Spanish speaking couples for various organizations to include:  

  • Diocese of St. Augustine's Diocesan Marriage Renewal (DMR) program, 

  • San Pedro de Conocoto's Marriage Preparation Program in Quito Ecuador, 

  • Resurrection Parish Marriage Preparation Program in Jacksonville, FL, and 

  • Teams of Our Lady International Marriage Movement.   

  • Raquel and Chad have previously served as 

  • Family Life coordinators at Resurrection and

  • Responsible Couple for the Southeast Region USA for Teams of Our Lady.   

  • International Marriage Master Class Presenters, and members of the expansion team.

Raquel is also certified in Prepare/Enrich, Real Essentials and LoveThinks programs.Raquel is the Marriage-Building Specialist serving Catholic Parishes. Through Marriage Ministry consulting services, she implements Marriage Ministries in each church in the four core areas of Youth Relationships Skills Training, Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment and Troubled Marriages.They have also been invited to speak on the vocation of marriage to the Campus Ministry in Jacksonville, FL, and to the Parents of Confirmandees and First Communicants on the topic of the Domestic Church.

They have three wonderful children: Chad, Anna and Sandra.Though Raquel earned an MBA degree prior to having children, she made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom.   It was time well spent, not only for family life but also for her passion as a portrait painter, her works are in national and international collectors' homes and businesses.   Raquel has completed more than 50 commissioned portraits, something she loves doing since it aligns so nicely with her other passion for inspiring strong marriages and families.