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Adjunct Instructors

Kelly has a passion for art, travel, adventure and helping people learn healthy relationship skills. Kelly’s interest in relationship skills began early because of her parent’s divorce when she was a child. Seeking to understand better patterns for her own future she actively pursued education and travel. 

Kelly earned a Bachelor’s in International Business in the USA and a master’s degree in Decorative Arts and Antiquities in Florence, Italy. She took oral and written exams in Italian to complete her degree and then completed a Specialization in Renaissance Painting. She speaks Italian, Spanish, a little Portuguese… and on a good day, some English as well.  


Kelly has known heartache and pain. She lost her only brother to suicide and has a huge heart for the lost and wounded. She has completed a survival course with the military in Brazil and she lived in Florence, Italy working with art and antiques for a decade of her life. Kelly is a natural Communicator, and she recognizes that relationships are one of life’s most beautiful benefits. Kelly is called a “glowstick”- She had to break before she could shine and now, she hopes to energize our community to prioritize the people in their lives. She is a single mom who raised her son, Nicholas. Kelly lives in Pompano Beach and loves adventures with her friends and family. Any given weekend you can find her on a kayak, doing a bible study, in an art gallery, writing a “book-long” text or experiencing some new adventure. Motto: Don’t worry- when plan A fails; there are 25 other letters in the alphabet.

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