Bringing families together.

Jacksonville ranks as one of the top 10 Divorce Capitals (highest divorce rates) in America, according to a 2014 survey in Men’s Health magazine. Live the Life understands the great need represented in this finding and our heartbeat is to help our community strengthen its marriages and families. Our strategy is to accomplish this through skills based relationship and marriage education training programs,  conferences, singles retreats, and youth seminars.  We are passionately committed to curb the rising tide of family destruction and it is our desire to help individuals build healthy relationships. We at Live the Life look forward to serving you and your agency, organization, or corporation.  To call our staff in the Jacksonville region call (904) 374-6365.

We Love Families

We get out in our communities and work with families everyday. We are in schools so that we can spend time with and educate children, and all of our classes are open to the public. We regularly do relationship seminars, retreats, and camps. This video demonstrates how we interact with families.

Date Night Comedy Tour

Our Passionate People

Rick Marks

VP for Marriage Education

Wayne and Diana Lanier

Board Members