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I stand for lower divorce rates in military families

I stand for less domestic violence in military families

I stand for lower rates of infidelity in military families 

I stand for lower rates of suicide in military families

If you stand with us on these principles please support our
#FRONTLINEFIGHTERSFORMARRIAGE Initiative by donating below

We can’t stand by and let these heart-breaking statistics continue any longer. These brave men and women in the military are on the front lines fighting for our country every day. They go through unbelievable stress and danger, which, as you can see, is taking an enormous toll on their emotional, relational and physical well being. 


We are taking a stand for these heroes. Over the past 6 years we have worked with 6 different military bases and the results are incredible. 


Couples who have gone through our programs have experienced:

  • A 600% increase in the ability to communicate in a healthy way

  • A 500% increase in the ability to resolve conflict in a healthy way 

  • And a 90% decrease in loneliness (a leading indicator of suicide). 


These results are long term as well. We followed up with these couples 6 months and 12 months later and the results are the same!


This Giving Tuesday we are asking for partners to join the fight on the frontlines to save these marriages and families. We want to raise money to scholarship military couples to go through our weekend intensive for couples in crisis, Hope Weekend. This weekend brings couples back from the brink of divorce and shows them how to restore their relationship. This program has an 86% success rate, even for the couple who thinks all hope is lost. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.


In 2022 we were able to scholarship 3 military couples for this program which costs $1,500. Will you help us fight for them?


Ways you can fight: 

  • Become a monthly donor

    • $125 a month will provide 1 scholarship a year to a military couple 

  • Give a one time gift

    • $1,500 is the cost for the Hope Weekend program

  • Share this email with your friends and family to spread the word

  • Become a volunteer marriage coach

  • Post on social media with the hashtag #FrontlineFightersForMarriage 


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