Family life marriage training Workshop

About the Workshop

Finally, a marriage ministry training workshop that lets you design a ministry unique to your church. For 40 years FamilyLife has helped thousands of churches minister to marriages. From that experience we have developed a one-day workshop that takes church leaders from “We don’t know where to start” to “This is something we can do.”

This is not a peer-over-the-fence workshop to see if you’re interested in marriage ministry. And we aren’t going to lecture you on the how-to’s of a successful marriage ministry. Our one-day Marriage Ministry Workshop for marriage champions is based on the premise that no one knows your church better than you.

Instead, our workshop is hands-on. We’ll share a process we’ve developed that will guide you in designing a ministry to marriages that you can sustain, and then we’ll give you time in the workshop to apply the process to your church.

The day will volley back and forth between us. We’ll share concepts and examples in 10- to 15-minute segments and then give you time to apply the concepts to fit your church’s vision, culture, structure, and demographics. Plus, we’ll have group sharing and discussion so you can learn from other church leaders present.

At the end of the day each church will leave with a plan that is unique to it because the plan was designed by its leaders.

The workshop is designed for churches launching a marriage ministry and churches seeking to re-tool their ministry. If your church has a marriage ministry and it is going well, we’ll be glad to have you attend but you may find the information repetitive.

Our heart is to unburden pastors and unleash lay leaders. We don’t see this as one more thing for the pastor to do. Our goal is to help churches equip lay leaders to do the ministry God has called them to do.

We recommend a team of four to eight persons attend from a church. Team members could include:

  • Pastoral and lay leaders who want to launch a marriage ministry.

  • Pastoral and lay leaders who want to revitalize a marriage ministry.

  • Pastoral and lay leaders who will execute the ministry.

  • Pastoral and lay leaders who need a plan for marriage discipleship to present to the church leadership.

For more information please email

When: September 14
WHERE: Celebration Church
512 Kingsley Ave,
Orange Park, FL 32073

Saturday 9am-4pm
COST: $39 per person
(lunch is included)


2252 Killearn Center Blvd, Suite 100

Tallahassee, FL 32309

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