Want to Become a Marriage Instructor?

Instructors play a critical role in helping us achieve our mission and strategic goals.


All instructor applications are reviewed with consideration 

of current instructor opportunities.

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in marriage

Highly interactive marriage education program provides practical skills for healthy, happy, and successful relationships.

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of us

If you have taken Adventures in Marriage you will love this next step! We will take you through even more skills and tools to help you have the marriage of your dreams!

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Family Frontiers offers fun and highly interactive opportunities to connect with one another and provides the hands-on practice and experience families need to develop healthy patterns and learn how to love one anpther well

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heart to heart card


Most of us struggle with communicating our true feelings. The Heart to Heart card gives an easy breakdown and flow to have a productive conversation anout a particular issue

daily temperature reading card

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The DTR card is a great check list to go through with your significant other to communicate any needs or feelings on a day to day basis

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