About Live the Life

Our Vision

Communities will become “divorce-free zones”, where divorces are rarely, if ever, wanted or needed, and where strong marriages are encouraged, nurtured, developed, and maintained. As our dream comes true, more children will grow up in safe, happy, and healthy married families characterized by nurturing parents, permanence and better life outcomes.

Our Mission

Strengthening marriages and families.

What is the problem?

The two greatest threats to America's future.

1. The significant number of children growing up in broken homes resulting from divorce, non-marital parenting, and unhealthy marriages, families and relationships.
2. Young adults who get the sequence of education, work, marriage, and parenthood in the wrong order with devastating consequences to both themselves and the children they bring into the world.

What is the solution?

Live the Life's strategic plan.

1. Increase the SUPPLY of Relationship and Marriage Education.
2. Increase the DEMAND for Relationship and Marriage Education.
3. Provide a Website Clearinghouse of Relationship and Marriage Education tools and resources available in each community we serve. This is the place where INCREASED SUPPLY meets INCREASED DEMAND.
4. Provide support for individuals and couples through expanding “Circles of Care.”
5. Provide Consulting/Implementation Assistance to assist Faith-based organizations and Community-based organizations to implement Relationship and Marriage Education in their environment.
6. Provide Outcome Evaluation to measure the effectiveness of our work.

Strategic goals in each community we serve

Increase the statistical marriage rate

Decrease the statistical divorce rate

Decrease non-marital child births

Increase church attendance

Recent Results

1. Since Live the Life’s founding in 1998, the divorce rate in its state headquarters of Leon County has dropped 48.1%, more than double the drop in the Florida divorce rate during the same time. While Live the Life and its many collaborative partners do not take all the credit for this significant drop, there are no other non-profits in Leon County focused on strengthening marriages and families and reducing the divorce rate.

2. Since 2004, our Hope Weekends have saved more than 80% of troubled marriages, and last year we documented Hope Weekends in Jacksonville saved 131 marriages, saving taxpayers $4,037,027.

3. From 2008-2010 Live the Life was the only provider of Sexual Risk Avoidance education to middle school and high school students in Taylor County, FL Note the significant drop in Bacterial STDs, followed by the uptick after our SRA grant funding expired.

Meet Our Board Members

Dennis Stoica

Chairman of the Board

Rob Siedlecki

Vice Chairman of the Board

Don and Angie Power


Wayne and Deretta Cotton

Broward County

Howard and Amy Groshell


Wayne and Diana Lanier


Wadid and Christina Daoud

Broward County

John and Margaret Stewart


Donna Kay Floyd

Past Chairman of the Board

Meet Our Staff

Richard Albertson

Founding President

Rick Marks

Vice President for Marriage Education

Lisa May

Regional Vice President – South Florida

Bob Garment

Pastoral Counselor

Jackie Hatcher

Senior Relationship and Marriage Education Coordinator

Will Potts

Relationship and Marriage Education Coordinator

Matthew Meadows

Pastoral Counselor

Scott Grogan

Marriage and Family Program Specialist

Gene Strickland

Clergy Liason

Nathan Groff