Adventures in Marriage (AIM) challenges couples to take their relationship to the next level. Focusing on the importance of bonding, this course casts a strong Biblically-based vision for what marriage should be and backs up that visioin with tools proven to strengthen skills in communication, confilict resolution, and emotional regulation. Afgter this course, couples have a new appreciation of each other and a deep knowledge of what it means to love each other through all the adventures that await them.


  • Recognize when your communication style is a problem
  • Develop real empathy for your partner
  • Express yourself in healthy ways so your thoughts/feelings are understood
  • Avoid mind reading that leads o misunderstanding between couples
  • Express and accepts anger without killing love
  • Fight in a way that resolves the issue and draws you closer to your spouse
  • Enjoy each other's differences


Small Group

Weekend Workshops

Weekly Workshops

(length: 10-12 hours)


Troubled Marriages

Healthy Marriages

Engaged Couples

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